Crop + Culottes

by DanikaRio on November 19, 2014

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Currently obsessed with these awkward length tailored trousers. New fave. My mom, the retail veteran, told me this style was so big during “her time” she remembers bringing a lot of these into production (for her shop then). She’s quite thrilled to know that culotte type pants are making a comeback. Think it got her excited to recreate her old designs from the eighties/early nineties. :) Now those I want to see.

top (new), shoes (new), culottes (sold out): NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  leather bag: H&M 

Lady Folk

by DanikaRio on November 15, 2014

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And here it is! My first look with my DIY purse! :) woohoo! I wanna pat me on the back. Heh.

I’m a huge fan of embellished purses. They may not be the most practical things… but well, they’re pretty! I’ll always have a soft spot for them. In fact, now that I’ve actually experienced making one, I have an even higher appreciation for them (ang tagal gawin!) Pieces like this are just not that easy to produce and I think there’s real value in the work involved and time spent. Ornate bags are really as special as they seem. Small but oh-so-valuable!

top (unavailable): own design, personal piece  /  pants: NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  bag: a personal project blogged HERE  /  heels: ZARA


Style Sessions / 02

by DanikaRio on November 13, 2014


So I finally found some time to execute this style project that I’ve been wanting to do since I first flipped through Preview Magazine’s September Issue. When I saw the editorial page entitled “That’s All Folk”, I just fell in love. I wanted every featured item especially this fringed bag from Promod…. But, I figured, it would be much better (and cheaper!) to just make one instead.


I’ve had this old black purse in my bag cabinet for such a long time but I’ve never really used it. So I took that as a sign that maybe I should give it a style upgrade. This actually has a leather sting that goes through those two holes in the middle then around the bag. But I removed that so I could work with a flatter base.


Then I brought out my tools: scissors, fabric glue, embellishments, feathers, ribbons, tassels, etc… basically just anything I could find that might be useful. 


I started sticking things onto the black bag and allowed myself to play with it and simply enjoy it– no rules, just fun. :)


This super glue B-6000 (from Carolina’s Lace Shoppe) is a winner by the way! Can you believe that I used this to glue EVERYTHING. It’s my new bestfriend!


I wanted to use many different materials for this like metal beads, waxed strings, ribbons, ostrich feathers, leather… I mean, I know, it could get a bit too much if done the wrong way. If you’re thinking of doing something like this, I suggest that you stick to a color palette/pattern so that it wouldn’t look too messy. The goal is to make everything look coordinated and cohesive.


I had no particular design in mind when I constructed this. Ok, well, maybe just a vague one. I still had to keep trying different possibilities throughout.


This bag took me about 5-6 hours to finish. Quite long huh? And it looks nothing like the Promod bag that inspired me (from the Preview editorial), but I’m satisfied with how it turned out! :) What do you think?


For my next post, I’ll be showing you my first look with this folksy baby. Stay tuned! :)