Style Sessions / 03

by DanikaRio on December 20, 2014


Tis’ the season to be jolly! And wrap pretty presents. :)

Today, allow me to walk you through 5 tips that I hope you will find useful as you create your own parade of presents. These ideas are fun and easy (especially for you crafty ones out there) and guaranteed to help your stash look adorable– and yeah, pretty awesome.

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This first one may not be the most important step, but if you are concerned about your presents looking good then you will consider this (like I always do). Going for my own color scheme (not just green and red like everybody else) puts a hint of my personality on my gifts making them feel more personal and special. Having a scheme also allows me to make better choices when buying my papers and ribbons from the bookstore. I only buy what fits, and hence, only what I will need. Almost nothing goes to waste.

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Trying to save this season? Well, play with used papers! You can use old wrappers, magazines, newspapers, foil… practically any sheet that is still capable of concealing your gift. After that, you can finish it off with a fancy ribbon and you’ll get yourself a nice, rustic present unlike like any other.

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Add some! Dried, artificial, or even fresh ones if you please! That bit of floral or foliage will do the trick in making your “recycled” wrapper look less of a cheap sheet. Plus, variety in texture—always good.

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Can’t find the perfect wrapper? Then, make one! It’s as easy as taking a sheet of cartolina or a page from your sketchpad. Make sure what you paint or doodle is not as complicated as Van Gogh though. Don’t take forever. Simply play with basic shapes and lines, or letters and numbers. Paint it, tape it, wrap it. 

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Because, I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a bit of vintage? But because I couldn’t find the right size anywhere online or in malls, what I did was make my own. Here’s what I did: (1) I took black and white boards and cut them to make small rectangles. (2) I chopped off the top corners to create that tag shape. (3) Using a regular puncher, I punched out mini circles from brown paper which I stuck onto the tags. (4) Using a smaller puncher, I created holes in the middle of the brown circles. (5) strung in some twine, and they’re good to go!


Hope you enjoyed these ideas! Go get your presents going and let me know how your session goes! Share it on Instagram and tag me (@DanikaRio). I’d really love to see your work!

Quite Unlikely

by DanikaRio on December 18, 2014

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I’ve always been told never to match loose tops with baggy bottoms. But somehow, I kinda like doing just that. It’s my own style, i guess… It’s just that I feel most comfortable when I’m not wrapped in figure-hugging garments. The downside though is that my silhouette basically gets covered up making me look less womanly (if you know what I mean).

Enter, sexy heels. What I typically do is I counter “unsexy” combos like this sweater dress + boyfriend jeans mix with more feminine shoes. This way, I create better balance and also, cool contrast. :)

sweater dress (old), boyfriend jeans (current), crossbody bag (new), sunglasses (new): NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  nude pumps: CALVIN KLEIN

Giveaway: Hello, 2015!

by DanikaRio on December 17, 2014


Can you believe 2015 is just around the corner?! Crazy. Riight? Lately, I’ve been thinking about 2014 and how wonderful it has been. The year wasn’t perfect. It also had its fair share of highs and lows (probably) just like yours. But nevertheless, it was great. :)


The past year is something I sincerely thank God for. And THANK YOU to you too, because yes, you were a part of it. Before the year closes, I wish to thank you in a special way. Today I’m launching this “Thank You Giveaway” to show my gratitude to you who have been well supporting me and this blog. You guys are awesome. :)


For this giveaway, I will be gifting 3 Nava Boutique traveler notebooks to 3 readers. Each winner will receive 3 blank-page soft notebooks (white paper, brown paper, and ivory paper) with faux leather casing. The regular ones that we sell at Nava have the regular plain covers. But the ones I’ll be giving out will come with hand-painted covers made by yours truly. <3


To make it even more special, I decided to leave some of the covers plain to save space for YOUR NAME. The 3 winners of this giveaway get to have their names painted on one of the covers. Because, you know, it’s just more special that way. :)


To join, just follow these instructions:

1. Follow @DanikaRio on INSTAGRAM.

2. Follow Hello Rio and Nava Boutique on FACEBOOK.

3. Post any of the above photos on INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK with your own caption. Do not forget to tag me @DanikaRio and include the hashtag #Hello2015 AND #StudioRioGiveaways when you post.


This giveaway will run from December 17 to December 31, 2014 (New Year’s Eve) only. Winners will be announced on January 1, 2015 via the Hello Rio Facebook Page and my Instagram.

Thanks again for the love, dear friends!! You don’t know it, but you bless me in so many ways. :) I send my love. God bless and happy holidays!!