by DanikaRio on July 22, 2014

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Loose pants are the bomb! Oh yeah. Haha. I love them wide leg, flared, granny style, boyfriend or harem. Aside from being oh-so-comfortable, I love that they cover up my muscly legs. Fitted pants just don’t conceal them as much as these loose babies do. Wore this black boyfriend pair with a halter top last weekend cause oh my goodness, it was hot. Though it did get a bit cloudy around lunch time. But well, still hot. So. Yeah. Just another casual look for another casual saturday.

top, pants, sunglasses, earrings: NAVA  /  bag: MOSCHINO  /  flats: EVER NEW


Green Grannies

by DanikaRio on July 19, 2014

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Look! I finally got a pair of granny bottoms! Yay! :) I liked it so much on Kiera (in Begin Again) so I had asked our in-house sample maker to make one right away. Hehe. But you know, it’s not just for me. We’ll also use it as a prototype. What she showed me was this pair of full-length pants. It looked good for me but the length made it look too “old” so what I did was fold it back a bit for a more modern take. But I’m planning to send this back to her on Monday to have the hem chopped off permanently. Think it would look much better without the folds.

crop top, pants (coming soon), sunglasses : NAVA  /  earrings, bag: from Hong Kong  /  blazer: CLASSIFIED  /  shoes: CHARLES & KEITH

Enjoy the weekend guys! :) 

Stripes x Stripes

by DanikaRio on July 17, 2014

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“Wow, that’s so daring.” was the comment I got from my dear boyfriend when I wore this extra striped number to last weekend’s Saturdate. I found his comment quite funny. Cause for me this seemed like a perfectly normal / basic / typical combo. I mean, isn’t it? It’s funny how to him stripes and stripes together is something extraordinary or radical. How interesting. But you know, I was ok with it. :) Couple minutes later, I realized I am allowed to– or I should– find this normal cause I create combos like this almost everyday for my job. Really a lot of mixing and matching and experimenting. Think I should be more afraid when even this starts looking too out there for me.

top: from Bangkok  /  bag (old), sunglasses, pants (coming soon): NAVA  / sliders: CHARLES & KEITH