New Accessory

by DanikaRio on September 30, 2014

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Well here’s a new accessory I feel like abusing. Something like a mini head wrap… I think it’s cool. :) It’s great for styling up my basic black on black looks. #newfave

top: CLASSIFIED / shorts, flats, headband: NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  bag: PARFOIS 

Five Favorites / 15

by DanikaRio on September 27, 2014

Five Favorites Fashion Week Edition (Part 1) Cause I just can’t get enough of the good ones! Hence, I’m documenting them here and sharing them with you. :) Here are my Five Favorite shows thus far:


1. MARNI. I think you guys understand why even if I don’t tell you. But, allow me. It’s the large asymmetrical silhouettes, the experimental layers, the organic details, the polished yet playful vibe, the pale meets deep palette… it’s no less than genius. I guess I’ve just always been able to relate to Marni’s style. The first part was more martial artsy (hello, judo belt) than boho chic but I love it anyway. In fact, I’d wear any of those looks any day. In fact, I just had my own “judo belt” made. Heh. :) This collection is incredible. I’m inspired. 

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2. This ROSIE ASSOULIN collection reminds me so much of Vania Romoff’s aesthetic (Manila local designer whose style I adore). Think it’s one of the reasons why I didn’t easily forget about this set even if I rarely encounter this designer. What I like best though is how every look is organic and still very high-fashion chic.

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3. BAND OF OUTSIDERS. Because everything is so cool and wearable. Heh. :) I mean, I like the prints! It’s a tad whimsical, but just in the right amount. For as long as whimsy doesn’t extend to the levels of child-likeness, then it’s all good for me. I’d be quite happy to have every piece in my closet.

017 018 019 020 021

4. THE ROW is practically the only minimalist designer line I loyally follow for two reasons: (#1) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen style (#2) boho chic. Goodness. These twins. They’ve got me hooked. I mean, this brand may rarely do graphic, but somehow I find myself looking forward to seeing their presentation every season. This collection doesn’t even include a single print and yet I absolutely love it.

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5. BRUNELLO CUCINELLI‘s very attractive first look was what made me click further to see his full gallery. I’ve actually never seen his works before nor am I familiar with his name. But that first look just brought me in. So yeah, it’s nothing extravagant or dramatic, but I think it’s the mere fact that it’s relatable that makes it something worth remembering. Let’s take a cue from this guy. He sure knows how to do laid back chic like a boss. Ostrich feathers? Ok. Noted.

*Fashion Week favorites part 2 coming soon. :) 

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Boy Shorts

by DanikaRio on September 23, 2014


My body type is athletic. And because of this, I typically avoid (too) manly-looking things. But on rare occassions, I do say “yes” to the challenge. Moments like this for instance. My tendency is to balance things out by adding a touch of feminine (too much boy just wouldn’t work well on me). Ergo, the heels. I’m not sure how the rest of my styling process went… but according to my mood, this is what I was supposed to wear that day. So… that’s that. :)

halter top, denim shorts, bag with fringe: NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  maroon kimono: CLASSIFIED  /  heels: FOREVER 21