by DanikaRio on October 29, 2014

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Lately I’ve been all about what’s practicalthose reliable, convenient investment pieces. Like practical is this cozy old sweater, this slouchy pair of pants and these strappy flats (the furry purse, not really. It’s there solely for style. Hah.) Maybe it’s cause I’m a year older now? Hmm. I’m not quite sure. But I appreciate that my choices are “more mature” these days. Or at least I’d like to think so. I mean, I’ve been traveling and shopping a lot this month and what I noticed about myself is that I’m more careful about the things I pick to bring home with me. It’s like I’m constantly making sure that what I take is something that I’m sure will be useful to me and something that I know I will use more than once. For clothes, I’ve been selecting more classic pieces, those that aren’t too remarkable but I know will always be reliable. But it’s nice. I think it’s a good change. I’m sure my future self will appreciate present self as well. :)

brown sweater, faux fur purse (both very old): NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  drop crotch pants, strappy shoes: from Hong Kong

Giveaway: HR x Sunday Paper Co.

by DanikaRio on October 27, 2014

A giveaway! A giveaway! This is for all of you who’s been so supportive of this blog for so long. Not exactly a birthday blowout though. Just a little thank you gift for now. :) 


I just want to thank YOU– all of you– for being a part of this blog. You guys may not know it, and I may not mention it often either, but I’m sooo very thankful for you who have been following and supporting this personal project of mine. You guys mean much to me. So THANK YOU. This one is for you. :)  


For this giveaway, I had collaborated with Sunday Paper Co., a local paper and stationary line that I so love. What I did was customize their plain covers by applying my type… and viola! :)


Note: these are not prints! These covers were handdrawn by me with love. Hee. Only one copy of each will exist ever EVER. And both are up for grabs! :)


I’m giving away a total of four (4) notebooks! I’ve got two (2) with handdrawn covers as seen above, and two (2) more with Sunday Paper Co. original covers as seen below. I will be selecting 2 winners. Each of them will receive one (1) Hello Rio type cover notebook and one (1) Sunday Paper Co. original cover notebook.


So here’s how this will go! Just follow these steps to join:

1. Like Hello Rio on Facebook. Follow @DanikaRio on Instagram.

2. Like Sunday Paper Co. on Facebook. Follow @SundayPaperCo on Instagram.

3. Post any of the above photos on INSTAGRAM with your own caption. Do not forget to tag me @DanikaRio and include the hashtag #HelloRioxSundayPaperCoGiveaway when you post.

It’s as simple as that!

*Only those who complete all three steps will qualify  /  this giveaway will run from October 28-November 7 only  /  winners will be announced on November 8, 2014 (via Hello Rio Facebook page).

So, you guys ready? :)


by DanikaRio on October 25, 2014

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I really enjoyed dressing up when I was in Korea. Weather temp would drop til’ about 7 degrees so layering was a necessity. Hee. So fun! I took advantage of the situation and wore this outfit that I’ve been wanting to try for quite sometime now. So yes, it’s a bit androgynous. But I think the look’s quite great with soft wavy hair and a red lip. :)

white long sleeved top, knitted crop top (coming soon), oversized jacket (coming soon), black leggings, sunglasses: all from NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  boots: from Hong Kong  /  body bag: ZARA