Free Spirit

by DanikaRio on August 1, 2014

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Just imagine my excitement when I first heard from Free People! My heart went beating five times faster. If you’re an old follower of this blog, you would know how much I adore them! They are like the mother of all bohemian brands you guuuys. I often take inspiration from their lookbooks. Remember? :) They are genius and they just keep getting better! I’m in love. <3

Here I am so happily wearing one of their skirts from their latest collection. It’s really very beautiful! Couldn’t help but prance in the wildnerness in true Free People fashion. Haha. But seriously, so beautiful. And looks even better worn with a basic crop top. 

Do check out Free People‘s site,, to find out why they’ve got me so addicted. For more of their gorgeous skirts, you can also click here. :)

skirt: c/o FREE PEOPLE  /  top, bangle, sunglasses : NAVA Boutique  /  bag, shoes: CHARLES & KEITH  /  rings: c/o PANOPIO JEWELLERY via

Rio Style Sessions / 01

by DanikaRio on July 28, 2014

So today I’m launching a new column here on the blog! Wahoo! Excited cause I’ve been wanting to do this for quite sometime. :) Allow me to give a brief intro about what this “Style Sessions” bit is all about. So it’s like a DIY column, but not exactly. Cause it’s not going to be so much about creating. It’s more about re-creating. It’s about taking something (a thing or idea) that is already existing, then styling it, customizing it, and making it my own. It’s about executing ideas in a manner that truly expresses my own personal style. Posts under this category might not always be fashion-related or type-related, but I promise, it will always be design-related. To be honest, this is also because I’ve been wanting to keep a record of all the little “crafty” things I do on the side. Decided to make it a public thing instead cause I figured that these little projects might help you guys somehow. Maybe this could give you ideas on how you could express your personal style better? Or maybe it’ll encourage you to be more confident about having a unique sense of style. I’m actually not sure how this will be relevant to you, but one thing I hope is for you to be inspired. :) So, yeah. That’s basically it! 


I chose to make this first entry decor-related cause it’s something I rarely discuss here. Been publishing a lot of outfit posts lately so I just thought this would be a good break. This is quite simple actually. And I’m sure you’ve already seen someone else do this idea somewhere. But today, I’ll share with you how I chose to do my version. Hope you like it!


Above are the materials I used: INSTAX SHARE Printer, washi tapes, a marker, little found objects, twine, scissors and mini wooden clips.


Step 1: PRINT. I think Instax films are charming. The hazy film effect just gives the photos a little sumthin’ sumthin’, don’t you think? Anyway, so I used my Instax Share Printer for this. You guys, it’s super cool! Ok. Sorry. It’s actually a new product so some of you might not be familiar with this yet. But here, let me explain quickly how it works:


Basically, this Instax Share Printer allows you to print just about any image on Instax film. Cool, right?? :) All you have to do is (1) download the Instax Share free app, (2) connect to your smartphone to your Instax Printer via WiFi, (3) using the app, choose your photo and edit, then lastly (4) hit “print”!


And ta-da! Your photo on an Instax film! :) You can print anything! Family photos, artworks, patterns, etc. The list goes on!


Step 2: EMBELLISH. Always my favorite step. Haha. Got creative with my photos and stuck random things to them. I really like adding depth and texture whenever possible. Makes things more interesting and unique. :)

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Step 3: DISPLAY. Got my twine, stuck it to my wall with my washis, then arranged my photos in a line using wooden clips. 


And just like that I was able to turn a bare wall into a charming nook. :)


There! That’s more or less how this column will go. :) It’s really just a simple sharing of the random crafty moments I have every now and then. But I hope you like it!

Thanks so much for going through this post! I appreciate your time spent here today. :) If you have questions or reactions feel free to leave them on the comments section below! Thank you very much!! :-*

*Fujifilm Instax Share Printer is available at P9990 SRP. To see the list of dealers (PH), click here: 


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DIY poster final square


by DanikaRio on July 22, 2014

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Loose pants are the bomb! Oh yeah. Haha. I love them wide leg, flared, granny style, boyfriend or harem. Aside from being oh-so-comfortable, I love that they cover up my muscly legs. Fitted pants just don’t conceal them as much as these loose babies do. Wore this black boyfriend pair with a halter top last weekend cause oh my goodness, it was hot. Though it did get a bit cloudy around lunch time. But well, still hot. So. Yeah. Just another casual look for another casual saturday.

top, pants, sunglasses, earrings: NAVA  /  bag: MOSCHINO  /  flats: EVER NEW