Ivory Knit

by DanikaRio on October 21, 2014

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Oh gosh. I officially love Korea. I never thought I would but I actually did! The sights, the history, the food, the street fashion, the shopping sites (!!)… I’d be happy to go back soon! In fact, I wish that I could go back very soon like next month. Oh if only! When we went there last week, the climate was already cool but the the trees were still mostly green. We were actually hoping to experience orange trees and orange covered roads. Boo. But at least now we know what weeks to target next year! IF we go again next year. Heh.

This thick, oversized ivory turtleneck is a new fave! Doesn’t it make you want to snuggle? Hehe. It’s warm but at the same time airy too since it’s so loose. I actually wasn’t planning on bringing it anymore cause it’s so bulky (it took up one sixth of my luggage. Ugh.) In the end though, I’m glad that I did! It was just so right for that one cold, sunny day. :)

ivory turtleneck sweater, thick leggings (coming soon): CLASSIFIED BOUTIQUE  /  low-cut boots, sunglasses: from Hong Kong  /  leather bag: H&M STUDIO  /  shot by: my friend, Luj  /  location: Hwaseong Fortress, Seoul, South Korea


RIIR Ampersand Launch

by DanikaRio on October 19, 2014

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I’m not one who often attends parties or events, but a couple of weeks back, I did attend the launch of Rags II Riches‘ latest collection entitled “Ampersand”. Rags II Riches (RIIR) is one of the local brands that I truly, genuinely enjoy supporting. A huge part of it is because of their cause to uplift our less fortunate mothers and families here in the Philippines. And well, of course, because they’ve got a whole selection of stylish handmade bags too!

Their latest collection was named “Ampersand” because it features a collection of convertible bags that can be used up to 3 different ways. (I mean, for real.) The bags actually quite intrigued me when I first saw the catalogue. And when I saw them live, I couldn’t help but applaud. Now that’s #proudlymadeinthephilippines! :)

You can drop by the RIIR shops in Glorietta or Power Plant or visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Rags2RichesInc to view the Ampersand collection. Let’s support Pinoy!

beige top, kimono: CLASSIFIED  /  printed pants, black bag: NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  braided necklace: RAGS II RICHES x ARANAZ  /  nude pumps: CALVIN KLEIN

Stay Protected

by DanikaRio on October 14, 2014

Time for another wallpaper loves! But off the series for now. Today, I want to share something different. Ladies, let’s talk about feminine care. Gents, you might want to skip this. This might get a little awkward. Hehe. 

HelloRio_NaFlora 1aa

Last week, I attended this fun pamper session with fellow bloggers. But it wasn’t a typical sesh. Aside from the manicure and pedicure, we also got to participate in this very intimate and relevant discussion led by Dr. Lourdes Escobar, an OB-Gynecologist. I actually picked up a couple of new facts that I’m pretty sure you’d also find interesting if you were there. Like did you know that the normal vaginal flora changes as the woman ages? This means that our needs change as we mature. And because of this, we should be choosing a feminine wash with the right pH level specific to our needs. Bet you didn’t know that! I didn’t. Haha.

HelloRio_NaFlora 2aa

So she introduced to us to naFlora. Because only naFlora offers specific variants for us women. There’s naFlora Protect, naFlora Restore and naFlora Moisture. The first 2, Protect and Restore, have 3.5 to 4.5 pH levels and are clinically designed to be used by reproductive women (like me!) The Moisture, on the other hand, is made specifically for women in menopause. This has a higher and more appropriate pH level of 6.0 – 7.5. 

HelloRio_NaFlora 3aa

My mom immediately called dibs on the Moisture variant once she saw the box of naFlora bottles I brought home. Cause apparently, she’s been using naFlora for quite some time now. And she loves it! :) She told me that it’s the only brand in the market that carries fem wash for women her age.

Lately, I’ve also been using the Protect variant, the one that’s made for everyday use. The bottle says that it contains lactic acid to help maintain and protect the natural flora. I mean, I don’t literally feel or see the effects but I’m sure it’s doing wonders for me. And I don’t get irritations or anything. It just helps me feel fresh and more protected everyday. And especially during my time of the month! I know it’s during those days that I have to be extra hygienic. But knowing the kind of solution they put in this wash, I feel clean and safe. :)

HelloRio_NaFlora 4aa

So here’s the wallpaper! Just click on the image to get the download link. Hope this reminds you to stay protected too! Cause guys, health (especially down there) is wealth! :)

*naFlora is available in Mercury Drugstores. For other inquiries, you may email: [email protected] or [email protected]