She Bangs

by DanikaRio on January 26, 2014


Behold. My new fringe. It’s quite the radical shift! My old permed hair was fun while it lasted, but it was getting more and more difficult to manage so I just went ahead and got rid of the weak part. Plus bangs. Think you should know that I haven’t changed my hairstyle in forever so this still feels a bit awkward. But slowly getting used to it. Lately, I’ve also been trying out the many different ways I can wear this like Zooey D. or Farah F…. (yehessss may ganon!) it’s fun so far. :) It’s just that some of my friends, even my own boyfriend (!!), takes like 10 seconds to recognize me now. But, yeah, they’ll get used to it. Next time they see me, 5 seconds nalang. 

top, pants: NAVA  /  necklace, bag: from Hong Kong  /  heels: STRADIVARIUS

Thanks for dropping by today! :)


So THAT’S the new hairdo you’ve been writing about! It very much suits you, Miss Dani! A great new look for 2014! You made this cut quite the focus by your downplay of an ensemble in monochrome colors, but I still say your chosen pieces are too fabulous to ignore. :-D

My favorite has to be your top. I thought it was a combination halter-sleeveless type, then I realized the design I was looking at was your necklace. :-D The little zipper detail on your pants is what won me over, plus your cute book-clutch reminds me of something Belle would use.

I give you two thumbs way, way up for this outfit, Miss Dani! There is something to admire from every angle.

P.S. I hope I too can recognize you in 5 seconds when I finally get to meet you in person! :-D

by Angelic Robles on January 27, 2014 at 3:57 pm. Reply #

Haha! Thanks Anjelic! :) Ooh. Yeah, hope to meet you someday dear! :)

by DanikaRio on February 15, 2014 at 4:14 pm. Reply #

Hello hello, Miss Bangs! Ooops si Miss Danika pala ito! Hihi <3

Yehey! First bangs post of the year! You're totally rocking your new fringe! You look even more beautiful with that fresh na fresh do of yours, Miss Danika. Bagay na bagay sa shape ng face mo <3 and what more can I say with those prominent shoulder blades and that flawless back of yours? They add up more to your gorgeousness! :3

I love how this look shows some skin but does not call too much attention. It is a "decent-kind-of-sexy" look. Oha oha. You look simple, elegant, and professional with this ensemble of yours, Miss Danika <3 and I have to say that my most favorite pieces from this look would have to be your top and your shoes (!!!). At syempre, makakalimutan ko ba ang pretty bangs mo? :)

Have a nice day, Miss Danika! <3

by Loreen Joy Bermejo on January 29, 2014 at 10:16 am. Reply #

Loreen!! Haha cute mo. Thank you for the compliment! Yaaay. Still trying to play it up though. Still feels awkward sometimes but ok lang naman. :) Thanks for visiting the today!! :)

by DanikaRio on February 15, 2014 at 4:13 pm. Reply #

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