Painted Abstractions

by DanikaRio on January 13, 2015


I just love the artsy charm of abstract / watercolor prints especially those that look a little random and slightly undone. I basically grabbed this top upon delivery to our warehouse– even if it’s original form / silhouette (almost like a tunic) didn’t exactly suit my preference. But It didn’t matter. Cause for cases like that, there’s always alteration. Now it’s shorter and just the right length for me. I’m happier!

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top (altered): NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  faux leather pants (altered): H&M  /  Avery crossbody bag: REBECCA MINKOFF  /  strappy heels (old): ZARA  /  amethyst cut slim bangle: HEY JOW via ARANAZ

Current Beauty Favorites

by DanikaRio on January 11, 2015

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I’m not much of a beauty geek. I mean, I’m not that experimental when it comes to make-up and other cosmetics cause I’d really rather keep it simple. I often end up using products that were either given to me or recommended to me by a friend or my mom. But, as most of you, I too have my own favorites. Scroll down to see the beauty products I’m loving at the moment.

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I’m not the type who likes wearing make-up everyday. I used to. But, I guess I’ve reached that age wherein skin care matters more than make-up (and I know for a fact that make-up is unhealthy for the skin). When I’m in my office, I usually don’t wear anything. But for days that I’m required to do store visits or have a meeting somewhere, I put a bit of make-up on. I like using this CC Cream by Olay before applying anything else because it preps my skin pretty nicely. The consistency is very smooth and quite light for something that has sunblock in it.

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Found this affordable brow mascara during my trip to Korea. It’s perfect for me because the shade really goes with my hair color. But the best thing about it is that it’s really affordable. Hehe. Didn’t have to splurge or anything. So this works for me! (brow mascara from The Face Shop)

5 type

For my cheeks, I always prefer something a bit more brown than pink. There aren’t many brands that carry brownish blush (that aren’t bronzers) so I was so happy when I found this Sunbasque Shimmer Blush from MAC.

6 type

These are my four favorite shades at the moment: (1) “ABP” –the rest of the label is in Korean– Matte Lipstick from Too Cool For School, (2) Russian Red from MAC, (3) #06 Full Red from The Face Shop, (4) MBR 761 Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick from Shu Uemura.

7 type

My ultimate favorite as of late. I’m sure you know of facial wipes but I bet they aren’t as great as these from NIVEA!


When going out, I bring with me a pack of NIVEA Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes. I use this whenever I start to feel a bit oily or dusty from exposure. This cleanses, tones and hydrates making me feel fresh instantly. It also contains natural Almond Oil and Hydra IQ which helps ease my skin. Sometimes, I even use this when I want to remove my make-up in the middle of the day. Believe it or not, this alone can remove make-up and waterproof mascara. It’s definitey a daily must-have.

9 type

But what’s even better is this: the NIVEA 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes. On one side, it’s smooth. And on the other, it’s softly textured (the peeling side) to help remove make-up and exfoliate dead skin cells– without leaving residues. For a deeper cleanse, I suggest you take this. It also has anti-bacterial feature c/o the infused Magnolia extract that helps prevent impurities without irritating the skin. Now isn’t that great? :)

11 type

And lastly, before I cap off my day, I use Shu Uemura’s Red:Juvenus refining lotion and retexturizing cream. I’m not sure what about this works, but what I know is that my skin condition kind of improved since I started using this. So me likey. :) 

How about you, any favorites?

Five Favorites / 17

by DanikaRio on January 7, 2015

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1. Hannah Jenkinson knits. Artful. tasteful. I need these in my life. #want (images via Hannah Jenkinson)

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2. Cereal Travel and Lifestyle Magazine. I’ve never opened a copy but I already think it’s perfection. With this kind of art direction, I mean, who would resist?  (images from Read Cereal)

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3. Sally Lapointe Pre-Fall 2015. I just love this kind of minimalist. Very clean and chic. But the best part for me must be that first gown. I think the print is just exceptional. #wanttoo (images via Because I’m Addicted)

11 12 13

4. Color Of The Year: Marsala. I couldn’t be happier. I think 2015 will be a good year. (images via Pinterest)

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5. Minoux Jewelry. slim, sexy, and stylish. Really wouldn’t mind stacking these on me! (images via Honestly WTF)