Closet Sale at BU8

by DanikaRio on December 6, 2014

Hey guys! Hope you’re all excited for Bloggers United 8 tomorrow cause we definitely are! We’re just really hoping that the supertyphoon won’t come through! So please pray with us!

Anyway, just thought I’d share some of the items I will be selling in my booth tomorrow. I’ll have all of these plus loads more! So don’t forget to drop by!


“Geek” and dotted tops at P100 each (slightly used)


size 8.5 original Converse sneakers at P1200 (used once)  /  size 9 vans-type sneakers with platform sole at P1000 (unused)


dress and sweater at P400 each (both pieces used once)


size 7 beige faux leather slip-ons P1200 (unused; with shoebox))


vest in special fabric and romper both at P300 each (used once)


textured fabric blazer at P600 (unused)


denim vest at P400 (unused)  / size 8 original Adidas sneakers  at P1200 (used once; with shoebox))


size 9 original ADIDAS NEO sneakers at P2000 (used once; with shoebox))


leopard print sweater P500 (unused)


size 8 MATTHEW from CMG at P500 (slightly used; with shoebox) / size 8 ZARA pumps at P1000 (used once; with shoebox)) / size 8 PRIMADONNA pumps at P500 (slightly used; with shoebox))

Really hoping to see you guys at Bloggers United! I’ve also got stuff for only P50, P150 and P200. My flats will range from P200-P500 and my heels and boots from P500-P1200. Except for that ADIDAS NEO pair (photographed above) which is P2000.

Oh and my free pass giveaway is still ongoing you can still join! 20 free passes are still up for grabs HERE. I’ll be announcing my winners tonight!

See you there!!

Red on Red

by DanikaRio on December 3, 2014

1c 2c 3c 4c 5c 6c 7c 8c

Cause it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And also, currently in the mood for holiday reds.

striped top (new), faux leather skirt (old), neoprene (I promise, it is) jacket (new): NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  crossbody bag: ZARA  /  pointed flats: ALDO  

Giveaway: Bloggers United 8 x OLX

by DanikaRio on December 2, 2014

Another Bloggers United, another giveaway! You guys pretty much know the drill.

But for those of you who are new, let me explain to you quickly what Bloggers United (or BU) is. Basically, BU is a bi-annual interactive shopping affair wherein several bloggers gather (hence, the name) and sell pre-loved closet pieces and meet fellow bloggers and readers. :) This event has always been a hit! And you better line up early if you’re planning to go. Cause many regulars already know that the early bird catches the… P50 Forever 21 top. Hehe. But seriously, many of us sell pieces for as low as 50 pesos! (I definitely will! *ehem* visit my booth) Guys, 50 pesos. Now ain’t that great? Don’t tell me that’s not a steal. :)

#BU8xOLX Main Poster-With Globe-FINAL

Now for the giveaway. I have a total of 20 FREE PASSES up for grabs! Just follow the 2 simple steps below to get a chance at winning 1 of these 20. I will be choosing 10 winners from Instagram and 10 winners from Twitter. Winners will be announced on Saturday, December 6. 

1. If you’re joining via INSTAGRAM: Follow (1) me, (2) Bloggers United and (3) OLX on Instagram.

If you’re joining via TWITTER: Follow (1) me, (2) Bloggers United and (3) OLX on Twitter.

2. Post THE PHOTO BELOW with your own caption and with the hashtags #HelloRioxBU8Giveaway and #BU8xOLX (else I might miss your entry). Also don’t forget to tag me @DanikaRio! 

BU Giveaway

That’s it! :) The giveaway is officially open!

Stay tuned! Soon I’ll be posting a preview of the items I’ll be selling at low low prices!