Five Favorites / 14

by DanikaRio on August 10, 2014


1. This hanging terrarium is so adorable. Would love to have a couple for my succulents! Anybody here know where I can get one here in Manila? (image via Pinterest)

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2. Maja Wyh. New blogger style crush you guys! I looove her style. She layers a lot, frequently experiments with unique silhouettes and wears oversized in the chicest way. You have to check her out! C’mon, stalker mode with me. Haha. (images via Maja Wyh)


2. This Robert Rauschenberg piece. To be honest, I don’t know what this is about. I tried searching for the details of this artwork but sadly found none. I am very interested to know the story behind it though. Anybody here an art major? If you know anything about this piece, even just the title, do share! :) But form-wise, great composition. I’m really into the colors and that calming space in the middle. So brilliant. (image via Opal Side)

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3. Aranaz Boqueria. Have you seen this? Go check out the full lookbook on their site! It’s inspiring as always. :) Love that this is more Filipino than the last one. Oh Aranaz, you make me feel extra #proudtobepinoy (images via Aranaz)

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5. Lone Flag is a relatively young brand. I can still remember co-owner Kelli Murray getting all excited about this last year on her blog. Friends, here’s another example of what good branding looks like. Note it. :) What’s great is that the whole mood of the store is a reflection of Kelli (and her husband’s) own style. I don’t know about you, but I like it when the owners look like their projects. But obviously not literally. I’m talking about really seeing and feeling a connection between the masterpiece and the maker/s. Cause for me, this is one mark of authentic style. I just love it when everything is well put together (in their own way of course) and captivating and just– effortless. (images via Lone Flag and Pinterest)

Random Art

by DanikaRio on August 8, 2014

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I love a good oversized button down. But this one is cool just because it has a random art print that’s sort of eerie and ethnic at the same time. It’s fun to wear. :) My mom thinks it makes me look larger but I don’t really mind. Heh. Worn here with a tube underdress, my favorite flats at the moment and my new slouchy sling from Free People. :)

bag: c/o FREE PEOPLE  /  dress: CLASSIFIED  /  sunglasses, belt: NAVA  /  flats: CHARLES & KEITH

Surf Shack

by DanikaRio on August 7, 2014

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Surfing is that one thing I really really wish I had the talent for. I’ve always liked the idea of surfers and surfing– the bleached hair, tanned skin, toned bod, laid back style, surf shacks, surf boards, beach life, sport life (think Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush)… I just think being a surfer is so great! But boooo. I’m not. I’m too scared. Haha. I’ve got too many fears when it comes to actually doing it on my own. It’s one challenge to do it with an instructor (like here *woohoo!*) but a much harder challenge to do it all by yourself. Truth is, I’m so afraid of the huge waves, getting wounded and getting injured (like I did on my last birthday because of a sad, stupid move.) But you know, I’m still hoping that one day I get to overcome my fears and become a real surfer. For now though, pretending to be like one would do. Heh. Look at me pose! I’m feelin’ it, you guys. I’m really feelin’ it.

 bikini: c/o TRIANGL SWIMWEAR  /  jacket, shorts: NAVA  /  slippers: HAVAIANAS