Body Lace

by DanikaRio on April 6, 2015

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I first spotted this body lace at Parfois‘ #TheBohoExperience Summer Collection Launch last week, not displayed, but worn by one of the creative heads behind the brand. She was wearing this basic black top with a plain black maxi skirt, matching sandals, and this exact harness. It was a simple but very striking outfit and it looked absolutely great on her. I honestly couldn’t resist looking back a couple times to check her (outfit) outI wanted one for myself so bad that I got me one right after the event. Heh.

I knew I wanted to bring this with me to La Union over the weekend. It just took me a while to decide what to wear it with. Easiest choices in my head were (1) an all black look or (2) an all white look. But because I wanted to bring this adorable maxi too, I thought, why not. :)


maxi dress: NAVA BOUTIQUE  /  harness and sandals: PARFOIS (see PH branches here)

Five Favorites / 19

by DanikaRio on March 30, 2015


1. Broste Copenhagen S/S 2015. I’m sure by now you know that I’m a huge fan of interior design. If I had all the time in the world, I would probably be out there studying and practicing ID too– all the while taking inspiration from this design house. Broste CPH has done it again! Their latest lookbook has got me swooning over those washed walls, handmade ceramics and shiny metal details. Their work is insane.


2. Holy Swim. Check this out you guys! Swimwear in form of crochet separates. Holy cow holy wow. Bikinis too adorable for words. Creative brands like @HolySwimPH make me so proud to be filipino. 5

3. This may be just another random photo from Pinterest, but look at how beautiful those details are! The clay’s raw finish, unpolished edges, that slightly beaten wall, those nails for support… I mean, what’s not to like? It’s a perfect example of simple but significant.

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4. Aranaz S/S 2015. Their recently launched Dark Paradise collection is just what I want this summer. Yes, it may be a bit too dark and mysterious for a season so colorful and happy, but for me it’s just right. My wardrobe picks would easily match any of the bags from this collection especially that black pinya clutchthis and thisUgh. Soo pretty.


5. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of pointed slingback pumps for quite sometime now and I still haven’t found them yet. I’ve always wanted the Manolo Blahnik pairs so frequently worn by the Olsens but Blahnik‘s versions are just too expensive for my life. I found a couple almost good alternatives in the malls except there’s just always one thing off about them. It’s either the heel is too high or the silhouette is just not that right. Not quite perfect yet. And so the search continues…

One For One

by DanikaRio on March 24, 2015


When shoe shopping means contributing, there’s not much need to think twice.

TOMS is in business to help improve lives. We identify global needs and create products to help address them . This simple idea is what makes us more than a company– we’re a MOVEMENT that’s continually evolving.”

I love shoes. And I know you do too. We’re guilty of owning more pairs than necessary and sometimes we actually do feel guilty about it. But here, let me give you a good reason why you shouldn’t stop yourself just yet. Toms gives us a good reason to satisfy our urge to acquire shoes but at the same time help a person in need.

One for one– this is what Toms is all about. If you didn’t know yet, Toms is more than just a business. It is a movement that is on the mission to help lives one purchase at a time (I was gonna say pair of shoes BUT, I just discovered, they also sell coffee, eyewear, bags… to provide safe water, to help restore eyesight, to address needs in maternal health respectively.) For every purchase we make, Toms gives to someone in need– ONE FOR ONE.

Having briefed you with that, now you’re more that welcome to shop! Hehe. Their S/S collection inspired by the bold and laidback styles of Haiti is now available in SM Megamall, Mall of Asia and The Give Project. For more about how you can help support the cause of Toms, :)

dress: CLASSIFIED  /  sunglasses: c/0 FLY SHADES  /  shoes: c/o TOMS