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Ivory Knit

by DanikaRio on October 21, 2014

Oh gosh. I officially love Korea. I never thought I would but I actually did! The sights, the history, the food, the street fashion, the shopping sites (!!)… I’d be happy to go back soon! In fact, I wish that (…)

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RIIR Ampersand Launch

by DanikaRio on October 19, 2014

I’m not one who often attends parties or events, but a couple of weeks back, I did attend the launch of Rags II Riches‘ latest collection entitled “Ampersand”. Rags II Riches¬†(RIIR) is one of the local brands that I truly, (…)

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Stay Protected

by DanikaRio on October 14, 2014

Time for another wallpaper loves! But off the series for now. Today, I want to share something different. Ladies, let’s talk about feminine care. Gents, you might want to skip this. This might get a little awkward. Hehe.¬† Last week, (…)

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