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Free Wallpaper / 03

by DanikaRio on April 28, 2015

Last year, on my birthday, Gian and I went on our first ever 21k run. Some of you who are well-seasoned runners may think that this isn’t a big deal. But to me, it felt like a mountain to conquer. (…)

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A Shorter Length

by DanikaRio on April 20, 2015

Awkward pant lengths have been looking more attractive to me than usual, regular lengths. My trousers of choice lately have been those that cut a couple inches above the ankles or those that go long they almost sweep the ground. (…)

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At the BenCab Museum

by DanikaRio on April 18, 2015

Driving 11 hours hours back and forth to Baguio City┬álast Saturday must be one of the most ridiculous things Gian and I have ever done as a couple. I’m not sure what got into us when we decided to do (…)

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