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by DanikaRio on September 19, 2014

Here we go again, Pilipinas. This just in: rains are predicted to get worse around 8pm tonight. I hope everyone is safe and dry! Let’s battle this through prayer, shall we? God will come through! He is mighy to save! (…)

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Coming Up Roses

by DanikaRio on September 15, 2014

Begin Again¬†Soundtrack still on repeat. Hence, the title. Heh.¬† Anyhoo. Hello! I’m alive!! :) Hope you haven’t completely abandoned me! I’m so sorry I just got back from a retreat! I actually wore this adorable wide-sleeved top there except with (…)

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Hand Type Series / 11

by DanikaRio on September 8, 2014

Finally, a new wallpaper! :) I posted the original piece weeks ago on Instagram so some of you might already be familiar with this. This is actually the title of one of the sunday messages in our church last month. (…)

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