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Painted Abstractions

by DanikaRio on January 13, 2015

I just love the artsy charm of abstract / watercolor prints especially those that look a little random and slightly undone. I basically grabbed this top upon delivery to our warehouse– even if it’s original form / silhouette (almost like a (…)

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Crop + Culottes

by DanikaRio on November 19, 2014

Currently obsessed with these awkward length tailored trousers. New fave. My mom, the retail veteran, told me this style was so big during “her time” she remembers bringing a lot of these into production (for her shop then). She’s quite thrilled (…)

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Silver Toes

by DanikaRio on November 10, 2014

I feel it. Christmas is near! I’m starting to see festive decorations being put up in malls, hearing cheery jingles in stores and seeing… red tag sale racks (oh yeah). The other day, I ordered coffee at Starbucks and got my first (…)

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