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Blue Leaves

by DanikaRio on April 14, 2014

And so it happens that I still like patterned fabrics (like I’d ever give them up. yeah right.) Except these days I happen to love more those that come in minimal palettes such as this top. The only exception would (…)

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Slim Straps

by DanikaRio on March 23, 2014

I’m really attracted to things with slim line details right now. Take this top for example. It’s not just pretty and classic, it’s also very practical and convenient especially since everyday this month has been so hot I feel like (…)

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Geeking Out

by DanikaRio on March 16, 2014

Hey you! Hope you’re still there. :)  I’m back now! I just got back from a crazy fun week in El Nido which of course, I’ll share with you here soon. Anyway, just saying hello again after a bit of a (…)

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