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Ivory Knit

by DanikaRio on October 21, 2014

Oh gosh. I officially love Korea. I never thought I would but I actually did! The sights, the history, the food, the street fashion, the shopping sites (!!)… I’d be happy to go back soon! In fact, I wish that (…)

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RIIR Ampersand Launch

by DanikaRio on October 19, 2014

I’m not one who often attends parties or events, but a couple of weeks back, I did attend the launch of Rags II Riches‘ latest collection entitled “Ampersand”. Rags II RichesĀ (RIIR) is one of the local brands that I truly, (…)

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Blue Sunrise & Stripes

by DanikaRio on October 3, 2014

All this normcore plainness has got me so picky with my prints. It’s like suddenly all the basics look sooo good and less and less prints look attractive to me. But if I do wear them it only means that (…)

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