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Denim Days

by DanikaRio on June 1, 2015

My life has been so busy these days that I rarely find time to do the things I want to do (like update this blog) because I have to prioritize the things that I need to do like train myself (…)

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by DanikaRio on May 10, 2015

last week’s seaside loungewear of choice: a 5-year-old laser-punched dress.  It’s not the expensive items or the new additions that I find most valuable in my closet. More often than not, it’s really  the “old” pieces that have stood the test (…)

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A Shorter Length

by DanikaRio on April 20, 2015

Awkward pant lengths have been looking more attractive to me than usual, regular lengths. My trousers of choice lately have been those that cut a couple inches above the ankles or those that go long they almost sweep the ground. (…)

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