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2 Inches

by DanikaRio on March 9, 2015

This may not be the favorite heel height of many women out there, but as for me, well, I kinda like it– the old lady appeal and all. :) Somehow I just like the contrast when it’s paired with younger (…)

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Cream Sweater

by DanikaRio on March 2, 2015

For lazy days. What I like about sweater dresses is that they are comfortably loose and wearable even on not so cool days . I’m quite crazy over this cream one. I think the shade is just perfectly clean and (…)

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Something Speckled

by DanikaRio on February 27, 2015

So I tried out a new accessory many would rather not wear. I’m not much of a neck scarf person myself but I can’t help my appreciation for this particular one. It’s speckled and ombre and I find that kinda cute. I tried (…)

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