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Coming Up Roses

by DanikaRio on September 15, 2014

Begin Again Soundtrack still on repeat. Hence, the title. Heh.  Anyhoo. Hello! I’m alive!! :) Hope you haven’t completely abandoned me! I’m so sorry I just got back from a retreat! I actually wore this adorable wide-sleeved top there except with (…)

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The Long Navy Vest

by DanikaRio on September 6, 2014

I don’t normally wears vests, but this one was hard to ignore. Cause as you can see, it has super slimming powers (!!) And anything that helps me look slimmer than I actually am I kinda like. Haha. But who doesn’t (…)

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Really Ripped Jeans

by DanikaRio on September 3, 2014

I wear denim jeans like second skin. And I love them more when they’re ripped like this. For this casual work look, I paired my pants with a blazer, new strappy flats (that I’m looking forward to abusing) and a (…)

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