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Boy Shorts

by DanikaRio on September 23, 2014

My body type is athletic. And because of this, I typically avoid (too) manly-looking things. But on rare occassions, I do say “yes” to the challenge. Moments like this for instance. My tendency is to balance things out by adding a (…)

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On Mute

by DanikaRio on September 21, 2014

Well you know me, always and forever a fan of organic tones. :) They just make me feel fresh and calm. I like em. Although, most of the time, when I do wear these muted colors, I prefer to style (…)

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Coming Up Roses

by DanikaRio on September 15, 2014

Begin Again Soundtrack still on repeat. Hence, the title. Heh.  Anyhoo. Hello! I’m alive!! :) Hope you haven’t completely abandoned me! I’m so sorry I just got back from a retreat! I actually wore this adorable wide-sleeved top there except with (…)

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