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Something Speckled

by DanikaRio on February 27, 2015

So I tried out a new accessory many would rather not wear. I’m not much of a neck scarf person myself but I can’t help my appreciation for this particular one. It’s speckled and ombre and I find that kinda cute. I tried (…)

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by DanikaRio on February 18, 2015

Kimonos and beaches just go so well together. I especially love it when the wind blows on it giving it that extra dramatic effect. It’s the perfect outdoor cover up if you ask me.  crop top: ZARA  /  green denim (…)

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Bringin’ Sexy Back

by DanikaRio on February 12, 2015

This was what I wore to our Balinese lunch during Day 2 of Nivea Come Close in Balesin. Business in front, party on the back! I found this top hidden among one of the crowded racks of Zara sometime during their fall collection (…)

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